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Samuil Stoyanov at Frieze nominated by Nedko Solakov
Issue 141, September 2011

Frieze invited 20 artists who have been on the cover to nominate a contemporary artist whose work inspires them

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Samuil Stoyanov
By Nedko Solakov
Cover artist, issue 110, 2007

Samuil Stoyanov lives in the city of Dobrich, in the top-right corner of Bulgaria – it’s not a great place for art. Last time I spoke with him, he was worried that the director of the municipal art gallery wouldn’t let him do one of his projects, 10 meters Art (2011) which comprises a ten-metre stack of paintings from the gallery’s collection tied together with a long red belt. ‘She is afraid that the paintings might get damaged, but I will keep asking her,’ he told me. I am sure that he will manage to do it – if not in Dobrich then somewhere else – because Samuil is one of the few artists I know who is entirely committed to his work, which means neither chasing a career nor a daily solving of purely ‘artistic’ problems. He lives with his work; in some peculiar way it comes out of his personality, out of his body. Experiencing his best pieces makes me feel like a child who is about to open a present or is about to steal the most delicious nuts decorating a cake prepared for his grandmother’s guests, which can only be found in a room where he is not supposed to enter. It is a very nice feeling; it’s warm and cozy and smells of other (friendly) worlds.


Samuil Stoyanov lives in Dobrich, Bulgaria. He is shortlisted for the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award 2011.

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