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Samuil Stoyanov

Samuil Stoyanov (1975) is visual artist who lives and works in Dobrich, Bulgaria. In 2001 he graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia as MA in Ceramics and made his first solo show with oil paintings. Since then he works in the field of all the existing media, by multilevel treating various subjects of the day, trying to execute and investigate different aspects of the topics he is interested. Sometimes he is skeptical and often with the means of sharp irony.

During 2014 Samuil Stoyanov had two solo shows. The first one in "Contemporary space", Varna, Bulgaria and the other in "Formatokomodo" Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

At 2013 he took part in two big international events - The 5-th Moscow Biennial(More Light, curator: Catherine de Zegher) and Sofia Contemporary Festival( Near, closer, together, curator: Ovul Durmusoglu) and in 2012 Samuil Stoyanov participate in 53 th "October Salon" in Belgrade.
At 2011 and 2009 Samuil Stoyanov won the RUF Award and BAZA Award - two of the biggest prizes for contemporary art in Bulgaria. The BAZA Award which is part of the Young Visual Artist Awards of The Foundation for a Civil Society provides him a residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York in 2010 and also a solo show in ICA-Sofia Gallery, in the same year.

Samuil was represented in Frieze Magazine by Nedko Solakov for the anniversary issue 141, September 2011(20/20 article) and in 2012 was included in The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague - a book published by Edno Magazine, which presents 101 representatives figures from the avant garde of contemporary Bulgarian culture.

Daniela Radeva - curator and art critic, wrote about his works (2010):
"Thinking while looking, or looking while thinking - thus looking evolves into seeing, or into what Samuil Stoyanov is interested in - "thinking vision". This is a theme which lately, periodically and persistently, appears in his works, yet it has nothing to do with visual experiments or optical effects, but is fully associated with conceptualizing the visual action".

Samuil Stoyanov has a great interest in working with and in public spaces. In 2011 he took part in the international project "Art of Urban Intervention". He is also co-founder of the citizen's movement "Citizens in more" were he works in the topics of art development of the public spaces in his own town - Dobrich.

Samuil Stoyanov

Born: 1975. Lives and works in Dobrich, Bulgaria.


2001 - MA in Ceramics, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria in the studio of Professor Ivanna Eneva

Professional experiences and activities:

2010 - Residence at International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York
2010 - Curator of What’s Up?20 Years Later Exhibition (together with Zdravko Toshev), Dobrich, Bulgaria
2011 - Participation in Art of Urban Intervention Project, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands
2011 - Organizer of the Number of Mine Photo-competition dedicated to the ongoing at that time political elections
2011 - Working with the institutions. Latest activities, presentation for contempo.lab, Varna, Bulgaria
2012 - Curator of Recipes Project, Dobrich, Bulgaria
2012 - Lecturer at Art Gallery Dobrich
2014 - Artist Talk at Contempporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria

Selected solo exhibitions:

2014 - Evening News, FormatoComodo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2014 - Theoretical (Pseudo) Science, Contemporary Space, Varna, Bulgaria
2012/2013 - Duo Show Daniel Jacoby and Samuil Stoyanov, Formato Comodo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2012 - 99W, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2012 - The Sun and Other Stars, Astronomical observatory Nicolaus Copernicus Varna, Bulgaria
2010 - ON THE TOP – Exhibition of Samuil Stoyanov and it’s Effect on Global Warming, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria
2009 - Company of Captain B.C. (The Night Watch), Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2007 - Kick the Time, Siemens artLab, Vienna, Austria; Curator: Maria Vassileva
2004 - Reverse, ATA Center/ ICA, Sofia, Bulgaria; Curator: Vessela Nozharova
2003/2004 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sofia Art Gallery - Meeting Point, Sofia, Bulgaria; Curator: Daniela Radeva
2001 - The City, 100+ Gallery (National Academy of Arts), Sofia, Bulgaria

Selected group exhibitions:

Art for Change 1985-2015, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria, Curator: Maria Vassileva

PREHOD for Sale, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Iara Boubnova
LIVING IN THE POST-SOCIALISM, Вulgarian video art in Lithuania, Meno Parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania; Curator: Neno Belchev
TO BE CONTINUED... Gaudenz B. Ruf's Collection of Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Notes from Underground, After F.M. Dostoyevsky, Baba Vasa‘s Cellar, Shabla, Bulgaria; Organized by Mladen Bizumic
The Occidental Accident, One Nest Stand #17, The Hague, The Netherlands

More Light, 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; curator: Catherine de Zegher
DRESS UP, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Iara Boubnova
Near, closer, together, Sofia Contemporary Festival, Bulgaria; curator: Ovul Durmusoglu
Sarajevo Winter, International Festival Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contempo Festival 2013, Varna, Bulgaria

Magnet and Antimagnet, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Iara Boubnova
URBAN DREAMS, The Ancient Bath, Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
53rd Belgrade October Salon; GOOD LIFE / ГУД ЛАЈФ (Physical narratives and spatial imaginations); Location: Old Geodesic Institute, 48 Karadjordjeva Street, Belgrade; Curators: Branislav Dimitrijevic and Mika Hannula
Recipes Project, Temporary space and Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria
Interstices, Artycok.TV Online Exhibition; Curator: Eriola Pira
MusTempo, Graffit Gallery - Varna, Bulgaria; Curator: Maria Vassileva
Why Duchamp? From object to museum and back (125 years), Curator: Maria Vassileva, Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art

East of Best, Roodkapje, Rotterdam/NL; curated by KOLEKTIF and Eric van Hartigh
exi[s]t>15 bulart, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
Art Of Urban Intervention, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria
IRONAPPLAUSE.NET - YVAA Exhibition and Symposium in Bratislava, Slovakia; Curators
of the exhibition: Lucia Gavulova /SK/ & Tijana Stepanovic /HU/
Shortlist 2011, Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Sofia, Bulgaria
An Elusive Object of Art, part of curated by_vienna 2011: EAST by SOUTH WEST, Dana Charkasi Gallery, Vienna, Austria; Curator: Iara Boubnova
After the Flight, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Iara Boubnova

Museum Souvenirs, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria
"Qui Vive?" 2nd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art; Liberty, MMoMA; Curators: Sergey Yerkov and Daria Kamyshnikova
The Big Wave, 8th Biennial of Contemporary Art "August in Art", Varna, Bulgaria, Curator: Maria Vassileva
Sites of Memory: Architecture and Remembering, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York; Curator: William Stover
The Other Eye / Luchezar Boyadjiev: Artist in the Storage, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

From Ideology to Economy. Contemporary Bulgarian Art 20 years later, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow, Russia; Curators: Iara Boubnova and Maria Vassileva
con.tempo - weekend for contemporary art, Varna, Bulgaria; Curator: Dora Doncheva
M-Tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Port of Varna, Bulgaria
Shortlist 2009, Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Sofia, Bulgaria
BAZA Award for Contemporary Art, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Daniela Radeva
ART POSITIVE-2009 "SWEET", The Ancient Bath, Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv,
Born Independent, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Democracy Talks - Konsthall C in Sofia, at Meeting Point (project of Sofia Art Gallery hosted by Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria)
ZERO GRAVITY The architecture of social space, The Ancient Bath, Center for
Contemporary Art - Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Curators: Bettina Steinbruegge and Vessela
Portrait/Self-portrait, Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria; Curator: Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva

Shortlist 2007, Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Sofia, Bulgaria
Europe.Art, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria
Small Objekts/ Short Video, Corridor Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria; curators: Vyara Mlechevska and Svetlana Kuyumjieva
Contemporary Bulgarian Paintings, Plastic/Conceptual, 2000-2005, Portchach Palace, Vienna, Austria

Important message, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria
Visual Immortality, Second International Biennial for Contemporary Art , Shumen, Bulgaria
Divided Nations, Festival of Contemporary Art-Product, Varna, Bulgaria
Urban Legends, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Maria Vassileva
Contemporary Bulgarian Paintings, Plastic/Conceptual, 2000-2005, Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland; Utrecht, Holland

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST MARIBOR, PLACES OF TRANSITION, 7th International Triennial Ecology and Art, Art Gallery Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany, Curator Regina Hellwig-Schmid
2007: WE GET-TO-CEASE TO BE? SIBANK Gallery, Sofia
Closed Spaces Project, Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria

Donations 2001-2004, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Social / Poetical Reality, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Second Hand, Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria

The Last East European Show, Belgrade, Serbia
(R)evolution, Irida Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
10x5x3 Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
Discrimination, Nilon Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
White, Male, Straight Project, Nish, Serbia

White, Male, Straight Project, Sofia, Bulgaria
The Interior, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Balkan Youth Festival, Litohoro, Pieria, Greece

Second International Student Triennial, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
Light House and Storm, Bath, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria

Selected awards:

2011 - Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art - category "Advanced Artists"
2010 - Bulart Gallery annual award
2009 - BAZA Award for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria part of Young Visual Artist Awards
2007 - First Prize in TOGETHER since 1957 - Competition for art project organized by Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003 - Debutantes in the Field of Contemporary Arts and Culture Project Fund, April session: Reverse/photo-video installation
2000 - Appointed by the academic jury to represent the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts at the Second International Student Triennial, Istanbul, Turkey

Works in collections (selection):

Nedko Solakov and Slava Nakovska Collection
Sofia City Art Gallery Collection
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria - State Cultural Institute Collection
National Art Gallery, Sofia
October Salon Collection, Belgrade, Serbia
Gaudenz B. Ruf Collection
MUSIZ - Museum of Contemporary Art
Siemens Vienna Collection
Museum on the Air - virtual collection of same named broadcast on visual arts