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Feb 5, 2014

Theoretical (Pseudo) Science

Samuil Stoyanov
Solo Show
(Objects, Video, Drawings)

7-28 February 2014

Opening, 7 February, 19:00
Contemporary Space
23 Marko Balabanov Str., Varna

Theoretical (pseudo) science is the latest solo exhibition of Samuil Stoyanov in which he shows his new works, some of which are invented especially for this particular gallery space. The viewers are invited to experience the process of the formation of the subject and the point of view (on) them in terms of controversy (including political) and mental incongruities.
The ironic and ambiguous title of the exhibition presents somewhat of an evaluation of the author for complex relationship between science, technology and art, between man and the environment.
In this study of his, he developed /evolved/ in the installation Collider* 2013.
The Collider is a (pseudo) scientific instrument provoking the imagination of the viewer who has to imagine the movement of the air (and its particles, including quarks , muon , neutrino , etc.) in the pipes, generated from a powerful flow fan. This Collider, unlike its prototype - The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, explores the field beyond the current knowledge of science - the big unknown that lies beyond these 4% of the matter in the universe, from which our world is consisted the way we know it and those that humanity has explored.
Theoretical physics creates presumable models (Standard Model, String Theory ...) is aiming to explain and systematize the world and its processes. These theories subsequently are confirmed or rejected by the experimental physics. On the other hand the development of art influences the development of science and it often gives to art new tools and subjects of inspiration.
Somewhere in this series of interaction is the author's Collider, which is going to take part of a scientific experiment at the end of the exhibition. It will determine the results from the 22 days (the duration of the exhibition) acceleration of the air particles? With causing an impact though an pushing the softest part of the circle by foot.

*Or "Accelerator"


Samuil Stoyanov (1975) is visual artist and culture activist who lives and works in Dobrich, Bulgaria. In 2001 he graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia as MA in Ceramics and made his first solo show with oil paintings. Since then he works in the field of all the existing media, by multilevel treating various subjects of the day, trying to execute and investigate different aspects of the topics he is interested. Sometimes he is skeptical and often with the means of sharp irony.

At 2013 he took part in two big international events - The 5-th Moscow Biennial and Sofia Contemporary Festival.

At 2011 and 2009 Samuil Stoyanov won the RUF Award and BAZA Award - two of the biggest prizes for contemporary art in Bulgaria. The BAZA Award which is part of the Young Visual Artist Awards of The Foundation for a Civil Society provides him a residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York in 2010 and also a solo show in ICA-Sofia Gallery, in the same year.

Samuil was represented in Frieze Magazine by Nedko Solakov for the anniversary issue 141, September 2011(20/20 article) and in 2012 was included in The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague - a book published by Edno Magazine, which presents 101 representatives figures from the avant garde of contemporary Bulgarian culture.

Exhibition view: