Samuil Stoyanov is one of the young artists, whose works promise to bring the art of painting back into the field of interest of the new generation of Bulgarian artists and public. Involved with new media and technology experiments, which gave them an opportunity to get separated from the conservatism their classical education, only a few young artists during these last years had the courage to look for new ideas in the framework of a traditional technique such as painting. The contemporary Bulgarian art definitely lacks paintings experiments.
The works of Samuil Stoyanov have all qualities necessary to get contemporary public, accustomed to all forms of visual aggression intrigued. In a delicate small size, with an active, but not aggressive color, they reproduce stories from the contemporary life, which carry the simplicity and depth of the biblical parables.
They are like movie frame in which the moment of a busy street lives together with eternity and its secret laws. There accident meets predestination and no one can tell who the real ruler of events is. Bright yellow lightning chooses one of the similar at first sight playing sand and points him out? The tennis game referee is shot down on his high stool, but the game goes on... The stories of Samuil Stoyanov are like real life - we are looking for the reasons, making guesses about the consequences, but the only thing we can see into is the present moment - funny and terrible, absurd and logical at the same time, fruit of coincidences and inevitabilities. What is the truth behind the images of the news? Who control the events in our life? How could biblical parables happen today? These are all questions reflecting the desire of contemporary man to look beyond the visible without losing self irony and irony of the surrounding world. Interesting ideas and life, unpretentious form - the pictures of Samuil Stoyanov have everything necessary to conquer the contemporary public and why not to input some fresh whiff in the contemporary Bulgarian art of painting.

Dessislava Dimova, 2000