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10 min Geozavod, 2012

00:10:25, DVD, HD video, sound

Produced by Cultural Center of Belgrade for the 53rd October Salon (Good Life Exhibition).

I have made the 10 min Geozavod video in the summer of 2012 in Belgrade. I shot it for two nights in the Geodetic Institute building, called Geozavod in Serbian. It is a huge neo-baroque building, designed by Austrian architects in the beginning of 20th century, which was used in 2012 for the 53th October Salon, Belgrade. The building was exhibition space, but also a context and a theme for the show, titled GOOD LIFE / ГУД ЛАЈФ – Physical narratives and spatial imaginations, with curators Branislav Dimitrijevic and Mika Hannula. This text is part of their concept: "This year’s October Salon will be located at the building of the Geodetic Institute, built in 1905-1907 as theBelgrade Shareholders’ Society, one of the most beautiful but also one of the most neglected monumental edifices in Belgrade. This inspiring location will be used as a space of ad hoc transformation where the works will be “implanted” in its present condition and in its existing historical narrative and architectural design. This building in Belgrade becomes a trampoline, a catapult – localised and particular – but not empty or closed up, just actively connecting the dots between here and there, then and now".

There can be two similar spaces in different buildings, but when we start comparing more than a few rooms, the specifics of each building becomes clearly perceptible, some-kind of a in-said portrait of the building is forming. That’s why I look at this work, as a study of the space and a site-specific video.

It was also about my exploration and experience the spaces and the building, and in a way giving it a life for a while during the night. Also I think that the physics, the mechanics of this video makes reference to the movement of the space objects in the universe. My head becomes “the black hole” which is in the center of this micro galaxy. I like the fact that the light sourse is moving constantly which gives other perspectives on the dimensions and the time, because from a ordinary point of view  the lighted surfaces and the shadows are static, if the objects aren’t moving. Hope that this adds some feeling of emergency.

The sounds came from the contact between the cable and the air and also through some open windows. In each space I am trying to make a biggest possible circle.

Samuil Stoyanov