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Building-6.jpg - <dl><dd><strong>Project for the World Government Building. 843 Knots</strong>, 2009, 38/18/18 cm.</dd><dd><br /></dd><dd><strong>Проект за сграда на Световното правителство. 843 възела</strong>, 2009, 38/18/18 cm.</dd></dl>

Project for the World Government Building. 843 Knots, 2009, 38/18/18 cm.

Проект за сграда на Световното правителство. 843 възела, 2009, 38/18/18 cm.
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The project for the world government building is a utopian architectural project for a not yet existing global institution. The work consists of 843 knots, each made of two different materials, for example: a straw and a cable or a cable and a golden thread...Some of the knots are made for example from one and the same material /narrow pipes or cable/, but of different color, thickness or hardness. Thus the knots become an allegoric image of ties of little functional dependence. Being entangled into each other, they make a construction which holds the object - a project for an erect and relatively stable building. The plenty of colors and materials makes the object look beautiful and attractive but at the same time chaotic and vulnerable.