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garage-4.jpg - <p><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>My Garage for Bugatti Veyron </strong>(detail), 2009, wood, reused banner vinyl, paint, 126x220x467 cm</span></span></p>

My Garage for Bugatti Veyron (detail), 2009, wood, reused banner vinyl, paint, 126x220x467 cm

http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/installations/thumb_garage-4.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/installations/thumb_garage.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/installations/thumb_garage-1.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/installations/thumb_garage-2.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/installations/thumb_garage-5.jpg

At the basis of this project stands a phenomenon which in the past was typical for the city environment in Bulgaria. Many men used to make “do-it-yourself” kind of garages for their own cars, right next to their homes. They were made in the form of the car that will be kept inside with little bigger dimensions than the size of the car itself, so it was almost impossible these garages to be used for cars of a different model or brand. At the same time one would need very little imagination to guess what kind of a car was there under the fitted together iron sheets. Echoing the same principle I decided to design and create “My Garage for a Bugatti Veyron”, without really possessing such a car, that’s why I took its dimensions from Internet. Actually I have never seen Bugatti Veyron in a real.
This work received the annual award (2009) of Stalker Studio for “European consciousness and significant contribution to the development of the Bulgarian design”.