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Spectalces-3.jpg - <dl><dd><strong>Spectalces Sph/o.d: + 3,75; Sph/o.s: + 5</strong>, 2009</dd><dd><strong><br /></strong></dd><dd><strong>Очила Sph/o.d: + 3,75; Sph/o.s: + 5</strong>, 2009</dd></dl>

Spectalces Sph/o.d: + 3,75; Sph/o.s: + 5, 2009

Очила Sph/o.d: + 3,75; Sph/o.s: + 5, 2009
http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_Spectalces-3.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_Spectalces-2.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_Spectalces-4.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_Spectalces-5.jpg

For some time now I've been considering the idea of starting to wear glasses again my memories of last doing that taking me back 17 years ago. All those years I haven't felt any particular need of wearing glasses, I'm even prone to think the lack of them had a positive influence on the way my paintings look. Yet sometimes when reading longer or working on the computer my eyes get tired and I have a headache. That's why I decided to have my eyes examined and then order glasses. So on 5th December last year I was examined by Dr Trayan Martinov - an ophthalmologist who gave me a prescription for spectacles to correct my long-sightedness with +3,75 dioptres for my right eye and + 5 for the left one. For the period since last December Iwent to several opticians but wasn't able to pick up suitable rims. Finally on 9th June I came across these rims, liked them and ordered my glasses. I was additionally urged to do so by the idea which you can see now, namely to display them as an object in this exhibition. In doing so I declare my intention of wearing them and at the same time offer the chance to some collector to buy them and own them for the period of my wearing them. If the glasses break or I decide to change them I'll give them back to their real owner. The two acts - the buying and the subsequent return of the glasses will be accompanied by issuing a certificate on my part in the second case pointing out how long I've worn them and the cause for quitting doing so.

Samuil Stoyanov
June, 2009