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leg.jpg - <p><strong>The Leg of The Independence</strong>, 2009: mixed media; 120/150/40 cm.</p>
<p><strong>Кракът на независимостта</strong>, 2009; смесена техника; 120/150/40 см.</p>

The Leg of The Independence, 2009: mixed media; 120/150/40 cm.

Кракът на независимостта, 2009; смесена техника; 120/150/40 см.

http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_leg.jpg http://www.samuilstoyanov.com/uploads/images/objects/thumb_leg-2.jpg

This work is monument dedicated to Georgi Markov - Bulgarian journalist, writer and dissident, who was killed in London in 1978 (I was 3 years old that time) from secret agent with an umbrella, known later as "The Bulgarian umbrella". The agent with a codename "Piccadilly" killed Georgi Markov, by firing a poison in his leg and in a few days he died. 11 years latter the regime that was afraid of Markov's words failed, that's why the head of the snake is crushed. Today the freedom of speech is threatened, not by politics regimes but by corporate interests.

"After relocating to the West, he worked as a broadcaster and journalist for the BBC World Service, the US-funded Radio Free Europe, and Germany's Deutsche Welle. Markov used such forums to conduct a campaign of sarcastic criticism against the incumbent Bulgarian regime. As a result of this, it has been speculated that the Bulgarian government may have decided to silence him, and may have asked the KGB for help. He died as a result of an incident on a London street when a micro-engineered pellet containing ricin was fired into his leg via an umbrella wielded by someone associated with the Bulgarian secret police."
Source: wikipedia.org