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"VOYAGER 3", performance, a multi-media installation and text
October 10, 2009, Varna, The Puppet Museum, as part of con.tempo - a weekend for contemporary art.

"VOYAGER 3" is the newest cosmic project which has been entrusted with super-special tasks unthinkable for mankind so far. Its creators lay incredible hopes on its success. "VOYAGER 1" and "VOYAGER 2" have been flying in open space for a long time, providing priceless information to the earth. They are the most remote equipment sent into space by man. Following their example, "VOYAGER 3" has the purpose of improving and exceeding all the goals fulfilled by its predecessors, and probably most important of all, to reach another star much earlier than the forty-thousand-year period granted to 1 and 2. One of the most significant changes in "VOYAGER 3" (which is the most reliable one) is prompted by the decision of the committee for inscribing information on the golden record which is attached to the spacecraft. This decision will also give a new impetus to the popularization of modern Bulgarian culture, because one of the songs recorded on the golden record is the famous Bulgarian folk song "Here comes Delyu haidouk", performed by the young Bulgarian artist Samuil Stoyanov. This change is considered to be of decisive significance for the success of the mission in space, as well as on earth. We must necessarily remark that this change, as well as the realization of the mission of "VOYAGER 3," has taken place due to the work of many cultural institutions, the parties concerned, companies, and lobbying organizations from Bulgaria.

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"VOYAGER 3", performance, text and gold record

performing at Goran Skofic and Samuil Stoyanov's Salon - March 23, 2010
International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Brooklyn, NY