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CLIMBING BURJ KHALIFA, 2010; text, slideshow - 5 min., prints on paper and canvas; variable dimensions

Exhibition view at ICA-Sofia Gallery: text - basic information and records which Burj Khalifa beats

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This is a project of climbing Burj Khalifa, originally known as Burj Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world – 828 meters high. Burj Khalifa is the tallest construction ever built by man. It is found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was opened on January 4th of 2010 with a splendid ceremony which was widely covered by the media all over the world.

Burj Khalifa sets a number of records in the area of architecture, technology, and planning. According to analytics, these records won’t be broken at least for the next ten years. Burj Khalifa is often defined as a peak achievement of human intellect, and others call its highest point “the top of the world”.

At the basis of the project of this climb stands the artist’s desire to become an alpinist, and, in his role of an artist-alpinist, to “conquer” Burj Khalifa. In the process of the climbing, the use of elevators is excluded, since they are considered as an unworthy auxiliary means. Only stairs are used, by which the artist passes through all parts of the building – the hotel, the residences, the technical floors, the office floors, the observation floor, the apartment floors, a few Sky lobby floors, the final technical floors, and the needle which is the top of tower. There are 3,500 stairs from the ground level to the top of Burj Khalifa, and, theoretically, they can be climbed for one day, but practically that is surely unachievable by an outsider. The different properties, the technical equipment, the measures of confidentiality, together with all the security measures resulting from them, will be the greatest obstacle for the realization of this idea. These facts predetermine the importance and the specifics of the different stages through which the project will be realized, starting from the initial idea all the way through the lasting results and the future benefits.