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Waterfall (After the Door), 2005 - 2010
mixed media – 6 insects curtains; 70/300/130 cm

This is a project which developed from one existence to another true the years.
"Waterfall (after the door)" was last shown in a exhibition called “The Big Wave”(August in Arts Biennial, 2010; curator: Maria Vassileva; Varna, Bulgaria), which was focused on different topics but one of the main was the emigration issue.

Twice before, it was placed as a real door curtain. The first time was in 2005 in the exhibition 2007: We Get-to-Cease to Be?, SiBank Gallery, Sofia. It was installed right on the gallery entrance door. The gallery space was in the bank building and the same entrance is used as a service entrance from the staff. You can imagine haw happy ware they to "meet" my art several times a day, but my idea wasn’t to make them sick, but to respond to the topic of the show, and to the invitation of the curator Georgi Lozanov, who asked the invited artists to “vote” for the future Bulgarian EU membership.

For the second time I install it on the main square in the city of Dobrich(BG), for the few days at the end of 2006 and the first days of 2007 with the title "Door to EU", because it was known that Bulgaria is going to became a member of EU at January 1st 2007. Thus I gave opportunity to my fellow citizens, to experience their entrance in the European Union.