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Documentary video by Rayna Teneva and Marin Kafedhziiski. Produced by Sofia Contemporary 2013.

Bull Riding Performance, 2012-13

The Charging Bull, also known as the Wall Street Bull, was sculpted by Arturo di Modica as a symbol of the "strength and power of the American people” following the 1987 stock market crash.  One night he decided to leave it in front of the New York Stock Market in 1989 as a Christmas gift to New Yorkers. Moved away by city authorities at the time, the Bull was placed in another corner of Financial District where it still hosts a huge tourist attraction. The figure of the Bull was quickly identified in the spirit of free market capitalism. It was used not only on the cover of a book discussing the collapse of financial services firm Lehman Brothers but also in an Occupy Wall Street poster by Adbusters where a ballerina poses in arabesque on top. It is also the reference for Samuil Stoyanov's performance installation Bullriding which will take place in front of the Central Bank of Sofia. For the artist bullriding speaks strongly of people's struggle today to sustain their living in the hard conditions of continuous economic crisis. Therefore he invites the people of Sofia to join him riding the bull.

Price: FREE Mechanical Bull Riding

When: May 1, from 9:00-20h

Where: Next to Bulgarian National Bank

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