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Collider, 2013
canal fan and mixed media (tubes, pipes, tape), 340x340x16 cm

The Collider* is a (pseudo) scientific instrument provoking the imagination of the viewer who has to imagine the movement of the air (and its particles, including quarks , muon , neutrino , etc.) in the pipes, generated from a powerful flow fan. This Collider, unlike its prototype - The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, explores the field beyond the current knowledge of science - the big unknown that lies beyond these 4% of the matter in the universe, from which our world is consisted the way we know it and those that humanity has explored.
Theoretical physics creates presumable models (Standard Model, String Theory...) is aiming to explain and systematize the world and its processes. These theories subsequently are confirmed or rejected by the experimental physics. On the other hand the development of art influences the development of science and it often gives to art new tools and subjects of inspiration.
Somewhere in this series of interaction is the author's Collider, which is going to take part of a scientific experiment at the end of the exhibition. It will determine the results from the 22 days (the duration of the exhibition) acceleration of the air particles? With causing an impact though an pushing the softest part of the circle by foot.

*Or "Accelerator"