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Evening news 2, 2014
HD Video, no sound, 09'48'' (loop)

This video was filmed in a very nice restaurant in the village Mikrolimni at the shore of Little Prespa Lake (northwestern Greece). Owner of this small artistic bohemian family restaurant is nice old lady named Artemis. She took the business a few years ago by his brother, as far as he implied. She is daughter of Greek officer who settled in the region after one of the forced evictions of the Bulgarian population in those lands held in the first half of last century.

First work I did with that title (Evening News, 2003) was a picture that I painted on the occasion of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. During the firs days, the iraqis captured five American soldiers and the in media raised a huge discussion, because their faces were shown world-wide after than. The question whether it is fair and humane was debated quite extensively. I think eventually the hostages were released and this issue "disappeared" in the "sea" of news. Now with the advent of the video sharing on the Internet such issues are no longer discussed.

Ultimately, this video is about the state of the observer, in which millions of people standing in front of their televisions, watching news about events and processes in which they can not participate nor influence them.