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Match without a name, 2013-14
HD video, stereo sound, 11'11” (loop)

Reflects the situation of someone who wants to make a political choice or adequately informed about any situation, whatever it may be. This is not about the choice, which can easily be made with a subjective decision - what to like and what not, as it could be for the sports, music or food.

The human cognitive system is triggered, often from different contradictions and inconsistencies in the surrounding world. For example, the natural desire of man to trust in politicians. "On the one hand" we have the desire to trust the words, and on "the other" hand there is the question, is that actually happens.

In front of me is whether the "slaps" that many media broadcasts are constantly "beating" of society day by day, with new and new sensations ultimately, does not seek to invalidate and demobilize people.

I would like this video to be seen as political, but on the other hand it is also for the intimate processes and solutions in man and the external impact on them. In this sense, care about the internal contradictions of the man between his beliefs, feelings and desires and his duties arising from his position or occupation.